1,461 Days

Greetings to the World,

Thank you to all of you for continuing to stay in some relative orbit with me over the past several months.  I’ll start by saying that Lockeblade and Entity are not dead!  But, then again, proof of life is best I suppose:

Richard’s tireless work (ever impressive and rejuvenating a force, that!) has brought us ever closer to our next phase of development:

The Trailer

Sometime last year, I began to research our prospects for getting awarded an Unreal Dev Grant, and it seemed that we would be wasting an opportunity to apply without a concept trailer demonstrating all of the team’s incredible work.  After meeting with Richard a few times (virtually and in person), we have set forth to pull together an initial concept video.  Expect this to be the first splash we’ll make on our social media channels.  This will naturally give us better visibility to move to our next phase:

The Demo

It has become increasingly clear that to protect the vision of building a strong studio, we must climb a ladder, each rung of which showing the value and dedication of our team in ever-growing ways.  The Dev Grant won’t really be enough to get our studio off the ground (not even close, if our initial projections of needed funding are close to accurate), but it will allow us to hire a full-time programmer to our team, as well as fund some additional modeling and 3D art (whether off-the-shelf or custom).  That will transition us to a third phase:

The Pitch

I initially put this phase much earlier in the lifecycle of Lockeblade, but as each of us wear many other hats, we will simply have a tougher time competing with indie developers with a ton of time and big studios with a ton of resources.  That leaves us with needing to pitch with a much stronger story, and that story will be best told with the above two steps completed.

I still STRONGLY believe in Us and the mark we will leave on the gaming world, and look forward to sharing more on each of these phases.

My Very Best,