State of our Union, Entry I

Of vision.

I was driving into my current day job this morning, and I (safely, I assure you) found myself dreaming of a scene.  The scene was of our protagonists, Manix and Alt, being allowed through the main gate of REDACTED, eyes wide with wonderment, looking at various derivations of REDACTED that they’d seen previously, and realizing that an event in which they’d partaken was far more nuanced then perhaps they’d originally thought (which, incidentally, describes almost everything).  I could see the complexity of their expressions, the ways these REDACTED variants went about their business, even some ideas for some super-cool dialog (to be approved by Team Collins, naturally).

It would seem that I’ve wholly lost count of the times this has happened in the past REDACTED years of my life, but it happened again today: I said to myself, “I want to make video games.”

I’d like to formally introduce to Lockeblade Interactive.  We’re a team of 7 people (with lots more on the way) dedicated to making a triple AAA single/multiplayer video game targeted for at least one major next-generation platform.  We’re currently in the planning/concept phase of our creation, along with “staffing up” (how does one not giggle at that phrase?) with even more folks looking to be part of our journey.  Everyone has been freely volunteering their time and energy to build a prototype of this game that we hope we can bring to a publisher for completion.  We hope to have our first pitch brought forth by the first week of November.

Of action.

Naturally, such things wouldn’t be possible without truly talented team members.  It is with a joyous heart that I would like to introduce some of them to you now:

Left to right: Cat, Sarah, Ryan, Angel
Left to right: Cat, Sarah, Ryan, Angel

While the above picture wouldn’t inform you of this, we are NOT sponsored by Pepsi products.  *bats eyes at Pepsi to see if they are interested*

Cat, Sarah and Angel are our principal concept artists (not pictured but equally important is Jenn Lane, who brought the first bit of art to the table a few months ago with her take on Manix).  They’ll be dropping this by site every few weeks to share some of their art for our game.  Angel has also been working on the visual design of our site, which will be evolving over our journey towards Prototype One and beyond.

The super-pleased-to-be-photographed gentleman at the end of the table is Ryan.  Through what has been historically referred to as the written word (like these!), he and I have been spending the past several months creating the world into which we hope to invite all of you to play.  In addition to keeping my ridiculous ideas closer to the ground then they’d otherwise be, Ryan will be publishing a five-part short story set in the universe of our game.  The first of these will be published next Thursday, July 25th.

Our goal is to publish a new update each Thursday until will “ship” our first prototype of the game to a publisher.  We have lots of plans to engage the community (like you!) during the gestation development of our game, and we hope you will be part of an awesome dialog that makes our game…wait…your game…as incredible as it can be.

Thank you for taking time out to journey with us.  I promise it will be worth the trip.