Cat’s Post

Catamus-Prime here!

My current position at Lockeblade Interactive is a concept artist, but I’m mostly dabbling in Character Design right now (which I am incredibly honored and immensely excited to be saddled with!)  But to simply create a new world is my passion, and in fact has always been an enormous part of my artistic existence. My goal is create memorable and delightful characters for you to sink your teeth into. (but in a not gross or creepy way, please).  On to my first published piece for our creation!


Here’s a couple of completely useless hints:

That piece with that weird triangle looking thing? I don’t think that’ll fit in your living room.
The strange design on it…it’s gotta do something right?
Looks like some shards broke off around it but it’s not broken (What?).
Maybe you just haven’t put all the pieces together yet…

Thanks for sticking with my cryptic reveal; we have a ton of great stuff to show you!