Enter: the Jenn

To be quite honest, I have never been good at writing about myself. Because of this, I have hired a ghost writer to pen a little intro for me (it should be noted: getting ghosts to do anything is darn near impossible).

The beginnings of my existence still remain a mystery to many; how exactly I took actual corporeal form and began living my life of Jenn is still much topic of debate among the more elite of scientists and philosophers. Regardless, I am here.

My primary function with LockeBlade (besides, of course, bringing “da funk”) is that of a concept artist. I take the ideas that are written down and try my best to decode it and present it in a 2D format. It has been an interesting endeavor so far, and I am enjoying the challenge. I want to bring ideas to the table that captures the essence of the project at hand, in a way that has not yet been seen before.

Sadly, until I get my wand back from the shop I am unable to pull characters off of the page and command them to do my will. Soon though. Very Soon.

In the meantime here is a little sketch to whet your appetite: