State of our Union, Entry II

Greetings one and all!

Before I dive into what will probably be a rather short update, I simply must give a huge round of applause (not unlike this) to our art and writing teams for their contributions the past two weeks.  Each of them have been working on those pieces in their individual (perhaps collective?) underground lairs, surfacing just in time for final review and edits before posting to the world.  I couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s efforts in that regard, and as you can rather plainly see, I am in the company of some wonderful talent.  In my discussions around these first submissions and subsequent related ones, there are some really exciting gems coming down the line.

For my part, I’ve been working through the interplay between our gameplay systems (on paper), and starting to think about how things will be balanced during single and multiplayer battles.  I expect that we will be refining that balance straight through development, but I think it’s important to start with some base values for us to sculpt into arresting gameplay.

I’ve also been courting those technical wizards known as programmers so that we can begin to get some code pulled together for our prototype.  I expect that this process shall begin by the close of August, and that we’ll be on track for a prototype unveiling at the end of the year.  After we begin to shop our prototype around, I’m going to see about capturing some gameplay in video form so that you can share in the joy of what we’re trying to build.

Finally, we’ll be updating the look and feel of the site in the near future.  As things stand today, we’ll look to keep the blogroll-type feel so that we can feed You The People tasty morsels on a regular basis.  (In case it hasn’t manifested itself over the short run we’ve had so far, Thursday evenings are our posting nights, so expect some hot ‘n fresh posts to go with that Friday morning cup of coffee right through the rest of 2013!

Thanks for sticking with us as we ramp things up.  We’ve got some excellent reveals on their way soon, and a ton of exciting news coming at ya as the project matures.