State of our Union, Entry IV

Hello 2014!

I definitely owe the Internet a bit of an apology for not keeping the site as updated as it should have been.  The holidays were crazy here on the home front, so it did keep me away from posting briefly.  Work is continuing on our debut game, as well as the search for a programmer (apply here!) to help us realize the vision we have set forth.  The team is pulling back together for our first team meeting of 2014, and we’ll be setting individual and group goals for our spring 2014 pitch.

I want to prepare everyone for a small hiatus away from posting here on as we get some super-secret internal work complete, but I will be back to keep the world updated when we have something substantial to demonstrate.  Thanks to everyone who has been following us so far, and I look forward to blowing your hair back as soon as I have the means.

Best wishes to your 2014 and beyond!