State of our Union, Entry V

Happy July everyone!

A quick note to keep the entire known universe updated on our progress:

A month or two ago, we procured a talented, affable and focused programmer named Kirby.  He has been whittling away at code (leveraging the Unreal Engine 4 development environment), and this past Monday I was honored to pick up a controller and walk around the beginnings of what will be a truly memorable demonstration of what this team is capable of.  I could spend several paragraphs of prosaic truths describing the shafts of warm light that beamed through the central structure of the map, or the imposing mountain range that surrounded our glorious ballet of mayhem and war, but the truth (no doubt kept in check by Kirby’s calm demeanor) is that we are at the beginning of the beginning of prototyping.  That in NO WAY diminishes the incredible pride I feel for being part of such a talented (and growing!) team of individuals, and I can honestly report that we are closing in on the initial prototype goal in a tangible way.  I am humbled by everything the team has contributed so far, and I look forward to sharing lots more in the near future.

Thanks for tuning in!