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A Writing of Wrongs: Dénouement, Infini – Part One

Hi. Just need a sentence here to avoid directly following that greeting with ‘My name is’. Alright. My name is Ryan, and I concern myself with the story, characters, and overall universe of our current project. Simply stated, I’m the writer. As such, I’m naturally excited to present the first part of a brief tale (a

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State of our Union, Entry I

Of vision. I was driving into my current day job this morning, and I (safely, I assure you) found myself dreaming of a scene.  The scene was of our protagonists, Manix and Alt, being allowed through the main gate of REDACTED, eyes wide with wonderment, looking at various derivations of REDACTED that they’d seen previously,

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Welcome to our best stab at the beast.

I’d like to introduce the world to Manix Dagg. He was brought to life through the imaginations of Ryan Collins and Jennifer Lane.  You’ll be hearing lots more about Manix, Ryan and Jenn in the days and weeks ahead.  I can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been cooking up.

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